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Kansas Department of Labor Announces Unemployment Tax-Related Call Center, Begins to Mail IRS Form 1099-G Information to Claimants for 2020

To: All Active PTIN Holders
Subject: Preparing for PTIN renewal time

In the next few days, we will begin accepting Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) renewals for 2018. We will send another e-mail once renewal season officially opens.

In the meantime, we want to remind you that while you are required to provide an e-mail address for PTIN communications, the e-mail address is not required to be your company e-mail. It only has to be an e-mail account that you check regularly for PTIN communications.

If you have concerns about the misuse of your company e-mail, any increased potential for identity theft related to your e-mail, or cyber intrusions and scams related to your e-mail, please know that you are not required to use your company e-mail address on your PTIN account. Again, you are only required to provide an e-mail address that you check regularly for PTIN communications. It can be ANY e-mail address, but the e-mail address you provide WILL be included in published PTIN listings.

If you want to change the email address on your PTIN account, select “Edit Login Information” at the top right corner of the Main Menu and follow the prompts.

Thank you for your contributions to effective tax administration and I hope this information is helpful.

Carol A. Campbell
Director, Return Preparer Office
Internal Revenue Service